App-Devices (iPhone)


AppDevices is a simple can-appliance for iPhone. Many creative ideas are in our can.
They make your lives more convenient by offering tools to solve your unexpected problems.

@Arrange the menu in your own order.
Needless to say, it is a simple and useful flashlight, also it can be a signal light.
I am a mirror. Switch me to left or right by pressing the button. Zoom in to check your pretty faces. The lightballs frame
reflects soft light, making you look like superstars.
It is a sensitive and convenient gradienter. It is able to check the level in 360o. Also, the button to keep your level is included
It offers a two-needle mode of protractor, and the comparison between two needles data can be surveyed meanwhile.
Background mode can be switched during the filming mode. Protractor is a must-download appliance that is ancient, simple, and easy to get hang of.
●QR Code
It is the most convenient scanning device EVER.
Just turn it on and straight aim the code, and it can transfer to the target without a waiting moment.

●Coming Soon ……